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Veterinary Mobile Ultrasound

With over 20 years of veterinary and ultrasound experience, Dr Clinton Eichelberger has an analytical mind and a case based approach to medicine.




Abdominal Ultrasound


Full abdominal scan examining the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, both kidneys & adrenals, lymph nodes, bladder and prostate (when appropriate). Also the stomach, small intestine, ileocaecal junction and large intestine. 

For optimal results, some patients may require sedation.

Cardiac Ultrasound


Full echocardiographic examination, assessing and measuring the heart in multiple views from the right and left sides. Includes concurrent ECG.

Ideally done without any sedation.

Pregnancy Ultrasound


Ultrasound to diagnose pregnancy and determine foetal viability. In dogs, ideally at 30 days and beyond. In cats, 16 days and beyond. Pregnancy can be determined earlier than this, but may be less reliable. An estimate of foetal numbers can be made but is not reliably accurate. 

Done without sedation.

Ultrasound Guided Centesis


Fine needle samples of fluid can be taken from anywhere in the body using the ultrasound to ensure the sample is acquired safely.

Usually possible without sedation.

Ultrasound Guided Pericardiocentesis


Ultrasound guided placement of a fenestrated catheter in the pericardial space to drain a pericardial effusion.

May require sedation.

Ultrasound Guided Fine Needle Aspirate


Ultrasound guided fine needle aspirates can be taken from organs, masses or any other structure for cytology or culture & sensitivity.

Mostly would require sedation.

Abdominocentesis: full abdominal drain


Ultrasound guided placement of fenestrated catheters in the peritoneum to drain ascites.

Usually does not require sedation.

Thoracocentesis: full thoracic drain


Ultrasound guided placement of fenestrated catheters in the thorax to drain pleural effusion. 

Requires sedation and local anaesthetic.




BVM&S, MRCVS, AVMA & CVMA accredited


Dr Clinton Eichelberger studied Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Princeton University before attending the Royal Vet School at Edinburgh University where he qualified with merit in 2003. After graduating, Dr Clinton completed an internship in internal medicine, surgery, emergency medicine and diagnostic imaging in Ventura, California. He stayed there for 6 years working in emergency medicine and general practice while focusing on diagnostic ultrasound and geriatric medicine before moving to Hong Kong in 2011. He continues to have a special interest in internal medicine, diagnostic imaging, and geriatric medicine.

Before attending vet school, Dr Clinton worked as a sculptor in London under Eduardo Paolozzi studying sculpture, ceramics, bronze casting and printing. During his time as an artist, Dr Clinton also worked in international conservation, primarily on the Mauritian Pink Pigeon and the Golden Headed Lion Tamarin. 

In his spare time, Dr Clinton enjoys spending time with his wife and young son, as well as spoiling his two boston terriers - Augustus and Archie.


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